First Time Sushi Night

Monday, June 28, 2010
27 June 2010 - I've recently developed a taste for sushi, most particularly Calfornia Rolls. And after eating quite a few over a span of several months, I've decided that I'd like to learn how it is made. Searching through the internet for tips and asking friends for advice, I thought "well, this looks easy enough for a non-domesticated girl like me..."
And the end result is....a little bit soft and squishy for the texture but the taste was not quite bad. It was not as easy as I thought it would be because of a few know-hows that I did not use my common sense on, like the avo was not ripe enough and so it was hard, almost as hard as the cucumber, lol. The rice had a wee bit too much water and so became soft, my knife was not sharp enough and so when I tried to cut through the california roll, i pressed the roll a bit too hard on the side, the roll became squashed in shape.....
But, I think it deserves another night of trial. All in all, it was not really bad. It was edible, which was good enough for me!

The Beginning....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
I have been unable to access my blog site for a while now so have made the conscious decision to migrate and search for an alternative blog site.
After sifting through my Facebook wall, I discovered one of my friends actually uses this site to maintain her blogs. And I am.
Not that I have much to write about....but having a blog always prompts me to think and write about stuff....and more stuff :-) Or is this just wishful thinking that I will be writing more stuff because I own a blog?
Oh well, only time will tell. Let the blogging begin......