Blog Celebrities

Enough about me.

Just wanted to share the limelight with some people who have more celebrity pull on this blog than I do…

MZ hails from the land of the rainbow nation. No doubt here. The skin maybe half-baked but she is a Saffrican through and through. She is in her teens and we all know how tumultuous times they can be. She just loves being the centre of attention. She emulates uber-coolness and is willing to teach school for cool for a new set of bikinis! She features on the blog when we talk about fashion and style.

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Missy also hails from the land of the rainbow nation. The cutest thing since microwave, she has been featured a lot on this blog. She vies for position #1 for being the most posted about blog child celebrity, courtesy of mommy. She has now learnt to read the alphabet and put two and two together. I wonder if she'll find mommy amusing after reading all these blog posts about her? Time will tell. She's not that into blogs at the moment. Hopefully, I still have a few more years before she catches on to what I am doing.

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Hubby features a bit here and there, now and then. He is very shy and so does not become blog topic more often than once a month. And if you think that is low, it’s even harder to get a photo of him for the blog. Honestly, he’s just like Bigfoot and his so-called non-existence. Actually, I think hubby is just generating a bit of hype around himself. Sorta like the "I don't want you to talk about me" type of celebrity. No biggie. In truth, he’s a bit boring. Ho-hum. The only interesting fact about him would be that he is of age and he used to walk with the dinosaurs.

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