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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
This is my first for the year for Girls Talk. I have been in hiatus from most memes since I've come back from vacation last month, and still trying to return into the thick of things. Here's hoping I haven't lost my blogging mojo :-)

Today's topic is the stupidest thing I've done for love. I am unsure how to write for this topic as I am pretty sure I've never done anything that stupid for love (wink, wink) other than marry young. And even then, I don't consider it stupid, I was just....ahead of my time. Anyway, I will try and jog my brain and just write about something that comes to mind. Not the stupidest, but it will be close, because I remembered it.


When I was in my late teens, it used to be a long standing joke in my family that the only dish I am able to prepare perfectly was my favourite at the time - fried pork chops. I would salt the meat and deep-fry it in a pan and voila! Instant breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I used to serve this to my old boyfriend. He'd come to the house and would stay over for lunch. I lovingly cooked this food whenever he would come around to visit me each week. And since I didn't know any other, I served this to him. Every. Single. Time.

I think he meant to be kind and so tried to endure eating my pork chops for as long as he could. However, after the fifth consecutive time, the subject did eventually come up that I was cooking only the one dish and it was starting to affect his taste buds. I was embarassed but I had to confess that I did not know how to cook anything else other than frying eggs, boiling water and re-heating already cooked food.

I waited for him to break up with me....

But he obviously did not mind about this little weakness in me because he cooks for me now. He's even taught me a thing or two about some other uncomplicated dishes. I've added stir-fries to my list.

Secretly I think he's probably counting his lucky stars that he was never poisoned while being a test subject to my cooking. And I am equally glad that he survived.

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17 caring thoughts:

  1. lyzacruz88 said...:

    Happy GT! It's funny looking back at all the crazy things we did for LOVE :)

    Followed your blog, hope you can follow me back...

  1. Kero said...:

    ahahahaha! that is really sweet! mabuti ka pa nga, pork chop agad..ako itlog lang alam ko lutuin. Hubby had to teach me.

    One time, he marinated steak. all i have to do is fry them up pero syempre nasunog ko pa hahahaaa. But that is love...learning, compromise, and moving on to the same direction =)

  1. Kero said...:

    oh by the way, my GT entry is here. Hope you can come visit:

  1. wooo... nothing really stupid Sis ^)^ hihi... coz I found it soo sweet!! I know few dishes but I am not a good cook as well. But everytime I had it for my hubby, I always feel that I am the most outstanding cook in the whole world...

    Happy GT ^_^

  1. Clarissa said...:

    awww...he cooks for you now,that's sweet!Ganyan naman talaga pag una di ba,lalo na pag gusto mong i- treat yung guy sa homemade dish mo.At panalo cya,you serve the best fried pork chops^_^

    Happy GT!

  1. LIMBERELLA said...:

    now this isn't stupid, this is actually cute. hehe.. and i can pretty relate to that. because i myself doesn't know how to cook. and instead of me cooking for my lovey, it's him who cooks for me...;)

  1. This is so funny! I love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. And yes, we do have the same template, though the nice thing about it, you personalized it!

  1. Edsie said...:

    a way to a man's heart is through his stomach.. whether it's always porkchop or not.. hehe!!

    Followed you in GFC. Hope you can follow me also! :)

    Happy GT!!

  1. kha said...:

    this is so cute, didn't you put something on your porkchop?!lol.. I love your story.. I'll post mine whe I have a connection probably by Saturday.. Happy GT..

  1. Shawie Girl said...:

    wow, really sweet of you to do that to your man! tnx for the visit, have a great day!!

  1. Ellen Joy said...:

    I think he was lucky with the porkchops. Mahal ang porkchop and more than 10 minutes mo paglalaanan ng oras para lutuin. LOL

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    Pinay Blogger

  1. kim said...:

    that was funny... unfortunately, i am not a good cook myself, so it was my husband who cooked for our family during the first months of our marriage, lol

  1. seth said...:

    it was such sweet of him...

    Happy GT!

  1. K said...:

    that's too cute and funny! well i think it's actually good that you did that because you now know how much torture (LOL!) he is willing to stand just for you ;)

  1. darly said...:

    hey cute story- i think the phrase "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" doesn't apply to him kasi he'd eat anything you preprare for him. That's real love indeed.

    Happy GT, here's my entry, hope you'd visit back.

    By the way, followed you in GFC :)

  1. Chris said...:

    ang cute ng story nyo ah! :D

    just dropping by MJ :D

  1. peppermayo said...:

    that's funny, that's cute, but not stupid... at least you tried... love endures any lack of skill in the kitchen, i'm another proof of that! Happy Hearts Day! ;p