Writer's Workshop: The Fabulous Five

Thursday, June 26, 2014
Prompt #5 - Talk about a club from your childhood you belonged to (or wanted to belong to)

To say that my childhood was uneventful is truly an understatement. I actually feel like I've suffered amnesia somewhere along the line because I can't recall much about my life as a kid. Or maybe it's just old age. After all, this is some 25 years ago we're talking about and the memory, she certainly ain't all there anymore.

It's really a wonder that I even remember any of this.

When I was around 9, 10, 11 maybe, I was part of a secret club in elementary school. We called ourselves The Fabulous Five because there were 5 of us in the group - Sam, Burns, Joyce, Char and me. We came together because we were adventurers and explorers (much like what Dora is now).

The 5 of us would meet everyday before our afternoon classes started. We'd regularly go around the school "investigating". Sometimes we'd sit by the stairs and talk and mull things over. Other times we'd draw characters and make imaginary stories of our adventures and staple the sheets of paper together to make booklets. We'd swap these self-made comic books with each other. (This is probably when I started loving telling stories. Blogging kindergarten :-)). I don't recollect much about the stories or what we investigated, but I remember being happy and looking forward to being with my circle of friends all the time.

After that, high school happened. I lost touch with them. It's kinda sad because we were all still in the same school, just different paths, I guess.

It's really a long time ago. These days I often reminisce these scenes in my head of our secret club meetings and the sense of belonging just engulfs me...I wonder where my fellow adventurers are now?
The Fabulous Five according to me
This is the first time in years that I've picked up a pen and drew my comic characters again. This post is in honour and memory of the members of The Fabulous Five, or however much I can remember of the club. It was not even a real school club per se...but it was real enough for the child in me.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Ballerina Girl

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My ballerina girl
Ballerina girl....
This had always been a funny thought to me because my youngest had always strike me as an awkward and shy child. Had she not asked me to sign her up for classes last year, I wouldn't have thought that ballet was something she'd be interested in.
She seemed to have gone through a "depressed" stage last year after our immigration to Canada. She found it a little difficult to make friends (which I thought was weird because kids fit in quick right?)
I signed her up for ballet classes without hesitation. I thought an extra-curricular activity might just help her integrate better, and maybe assist her a little bit with making friends. And what better activity to choose than the one that she actually wanted to do?
Anyways, after almost a year-long weekly attendance (the classes started in September last year), the ballet association hosted a year-end performance show last May.
Obviously, all the students were involved with the performances. The parents were also asked to volunteer for the show days to help with backstage work and dress changes. I was on dressing room duties in the morning and watched my little girl's performance in the afternoon.
I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
I was really surprised to see how graceful my little girl had become. Small little movements like the flick of her hand when she's doing ballet positions and dancing in rhythm to the classical music, showed me just how much of a lady she really was.
Nowadays, on the outside, she might still look like the tomboyish kid that seems awkward and shy. But I know deep down, if I get her onto a stage, the ballerina girl in her was just lying in wait...

Writer's Workshop: The Man In The Kitchen

Thursday, June 12, 2014
Mama’s Losin’ It

One of the best things my husband does for the family is feed us. Hands down, no contest, and I do admit defeat here.

I know that I joke about it all the time, me being undomesticated. I've told stories about how I used to serve my hubby fried pork chops when he was courting me. I poke fun that with me in the kitchen, recipes mean nothing even if they stare me in the eyes. My cooking skills are really out of this world, actually, more like not here nor there nor anywhere on this Earth at all.

But to refocus on the subject, I'd just like to say that my hubby really does thrive in his simple labour of love. He's a great cook to boot. And I'm truly grateful for it.

So for this coming Father's Day, here's to the man behind the apron, who feeds us and feeds us well.

This Father's Day inspired post joins Mama Kat's Writers Workshop today.

#100HappyDays Part 2

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Boy, did 100 days whizzed by so fast!

I suppose time does that - whiz by, I mean. You are having so much fun that you don't even notice time ticking away. Sounds like the song, right?
I finally reached Day 100 last week and the whole experience has been epic for me. It was really not much at first when I started last February, but you gain momentum on your last days on the challenge. People start to notice, comment, like (which is a social media thing really)...and best of all, actually share and take part in your happiness. The interaction was what made it all the more special.
I must admit, I had so much fun doing the #100HappyDays challenge. It wasn't easy when you really get into it. There were days when I came up blanks. To be happy was the easy part....but to capture the happiness in a photo was another thing. I had to be creative on some days. I don't have the photographic eye so photos of inanimate objects (places, food, etc.) and animated subjects (my family) sometimes took more than a couple of takes. I must have snapped away a thousand to produce the result...but in the end, it was worth it. I became happier each day as I went along the challenge.
After 100 photos, 1 sound clip, 2 videos, 18 selfies, and about a gazillion blissful memories, I am kinda "sad" now that it's ended. Funny, to think of "sadness" after 100 days of being "happy". Maybe a change in vocabulary is in order. Let's just say I'll remember the time with a wistful smile.
It should have been obvious from the start but I suppose it takes a challenge to highlight something. One thing I've learnt from #100HappyDays is that each day starts out as a chance to be happy. Not every day will be good, but so what? Live this day well...and every single day after that. And happiness will come.

My #100HappyDays in a nutshell


Too Much TV Can Be Bad For You

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
I am ill.
I didn't know what it was called until just a few minutes ago.
Google has just called me a chain watcher. Yep, it doesn't sound as unhealthy as chain smoking, but believe me, the object of my affection is just as addictive.
Since getting Netflix a few months ago, I have been on a rampant binge of Breaking Bad and The House of Cards diet. I've even nibbled on some episodes of Sherlock, House of Lies and Once Upon a Time. I've also been hanging out with Mulder and Scully again and The X-Files is yet again alive in my house.
On the recent premiere of Season 2 of The House of Cards in February, I promised myself that I was going to savor each episode each night (like a normal person) and not go on an all gung-ho crazy watching spree. That promise went kaput after tasting the first episode of Season 2. Like a good book, I just couldn't put it down...the remote, I mean. I started on a Friday night and finished the whole season off by Monday morning. It consumed me all weekend but....it was exhilarating! I can't believe they're making me wait an entire year for Season 3.
This is what I love/hate about television series. I don't like them being so open-ended. And then you'd have to wait for the next lot to come. I am livid. I know if I don't get something (the next episodes) soon, I'll be hooking myself onto yet another series. And then there'll be more to watch...and wait for. It's a vicious cycle. HEELLLPPPP!!!
I wonder if I should sign up for a Chain Watchers Anonymous? God knows I need my series finales for closure.
Various series available on Netflix Canada