Ballerina Girl

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My ballerina girl
Ballerina girl....
This had always been a funny thought to me because my youngest had always strike me as an awkward and shy child. Had she not asked me to sign her up for classes last year, I wouldn't have thought that ballet was something she'd be interested in.
She seemed to have gone through a "depressed" stage last year after our immigration to Canada. She found it a little difficult to make friends (which I thought was weird because kids fit in quick right?)
I signed her up for ballet classes without hesitation. I thought an extra-curricular activity might just help her integrate better, and maybe assist her a little bit with making friends. And what better activity to choose than the one that she actually wanted to do?
Anyways, after almost a year-long weekly attendance (the classes started in September last year), the ballet association hosted a year-end performance show last May.
Obviously, all the students were involved with the performances. The parents were also asked to volunteer for the show days to help with backstage work and dress changes. I was on dressing room duties in the morning and watched my little girl's performance in the afternoon.
I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
I was really surprised to see how graceful my little girl had become. Small little movements like the flick of her hand when she's doing ballet positions and dancing in rhythm to the classical music, showed me just how much of a lady she really was.
Nowadays, on the outside, she might still look like the tomboyish kid that seems awkward and shy. But I know deep down, if I get her onto a stage, the ballerina girl in her was just lying in wait...

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