Testing, Testing....Is This Thing On?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It's been a while, my faithful friends, my loyal followers. How have you guys been?

This is my FIRST post for the year. Yes, you read it right. FIRST....and it is now November. I seem to have lost some of my blogging mojo after pledging in early 2015 that I have become more committed than ever to being a blogger.

Maybe my youngest growing out of being a child affected me more than I cared to admit. After all, I was in parts a mommy blogger, what am I going to blog about if my child does not want to be the star of my blog anymore?

Maybe I was committing myself to "too-strict" a deadline with regards my posts. I always encouraged myself to write at least once a week. Maybe once a month is better? I remember the days when I used to spurt out posts till kingdom come....where did all that creativity juice go?

I would not venture to offer any more excuses as that is all what they will be...excuses. But I don't think I shall be professing to be more committed to posting as I had done in previous years. Creativity should be allowed to flow. And maybe I need a different focus...and direction.

I have somewhat turned my blog into a travelling mommy blog but maybe I need to get my other passions going.

Let me mull it over a bit more....until the new year perhaps. I will come back...maybe not in my mommyblogger uniform anymore. But I definitely will always come back to writing. I am not ready to hang my blogging cape just yet.

Shall we make a new date for the new year?