Animal Instinct?

Monday, July 26, 2010
I have never professed to be a pet lover. My idea of a pet has always been a fish in a bowl somewhere in the corner of my living room. Not that I'll get this kind of experience with a fish but I've always found the relationship between pet and master quite a unique and interesting one.
Recently my neighbour went away for the weekend and asked me to feed their 2 small dogs. When the time came, my hubby and I went in through the back door and proceeded to call out to the dogs, who were in the garages, to come into the house so I could lock them in. I must just mention that these dogs are puppies, I'm not sure of the breed but I think one of them is a chihuahua.
The one dog was quite friendly and kept smelling and jumping on me. The other...well, suffice it to say that he was frightened and went hiding under my neighbour's car. I think my hubby and I spent around half an hour trying to entice this dog to come out. I remembered my neighbour saying that one of them was called "Rambow" so I called out to both of them, not knowing which dog was indeed "Rambow".
Still no response. I went into the house to fetch a stick to try and "lure" the dog out from under the car. I came out with a duster stick and started tapping the stick under the car and waving it to see if I could "touch" him. I did this for a while and it actually occurred to me that I am not hitting anything, except the car's tyres. So I went into the house again....and lo, the small dog was actually now hiding behind the dustbin. He probably came in while I went looking for a stick. He was so scared of me (don't know why as I'm so lovable????) and looked like a fluffy toy that I almost missed him.
Anyway, all's well that ends well. Left them in the house with their food and hoped that they would eat after we've gone.
Pet mastering is still definitely not for me but hat's off to all who've done it.

So Long, My Friendster Blog...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Spent the most part of the morning trying to get verified as the author of my own Friendster Blog, can you believe it? And in the end, I still did not manage to get it right. Now, I have gone on to ask my friends to verify me.
It does actually feel like I am putting a nail in the coffin of my blog companion for several years. I must admit that my Friendster Blog actually helped me vent a bit, and although I professed to love writing so much.....I did not do so much of it while having the blog through the years.....but still....
Linking it onto NetworkedBlog should help me remind those first few years of me being a wannabe blogger. Actually, I just didn't want to lose my scribbles and my memories.

Bad Girls, Bad Girls....What Ya Gonna Do When They Come For Ya?

Saturday, July 17, 2010
I remembered at the start of the year when my hubby and I were deciding for school bags for our daughters. We wanted something strong and sturdy to hold everything in and my eldest wanted something "branded"....after much searching and indecision, we finally settled on buying both girls "BAD GIRL" bags. (Almost said bag girls there for a minute, haha!)
After a few months of school going, one night my youngest came home a bit upset. When probed, she revealed that she did not like her new school bag. I was obviously curious as to why this was the case. After all, it was a branded bag, and who doesn't like a name? She then reasoned, "But Mommy, the other kids say I'm a bad girl because my bag says so!"
And so it does, lol.
We have since bought my youngest a new "unbranded" bag, which she is ecstatic about, and my eldest took the other "Bad Girl" bag as well because as she puts it, "She does not mind being one."
Go figure....

More than a Decade of Toy Story

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
The family recently watched the latest instalment in the Toy Story saga - Toy Story 3D. It was quite a touching story of growing up and letting go. It's quite interesting as I feel that our family has also "grown up" with Toy Story.
I remembered when hubby and I first watched the first movie - Toy Story - and we became endeared to the characters of the movie. I was actually quite surprised that we enjoyed the movie so much - us, being adults, and the movie, being an animation. My eldest was quite young then and so did not accompany us when we went to the movie house to watch this.
When the second movie came out, it was another trip to the cinema. Now, with our eldest daughter, who was of the right age to enjoy the experience. And boy, was it a treat! Sequel was equally good. The story was heartwarming and unforgettable.
With the recent Toy Story, my hubby and I with 2 children in tow (now) went and watched the movie. It was a thrill to see the movie in 3D, our first experience where everything seems to be spurting out of the screen and coming at you. It was no wonder that my youngest sat through the whole movie, the storyline was so engaging and everything was bigger and better!
Incidentally, this is the only trilogy that we have watched all instalments on the big screen. Most of the time, we just waited for the DVDs and hire out.
It's kinda sad if this is indeed the last instalment.