Bad Girls, Bad Girls....What Ya Gonna Do When They Come For Ya?

Saturday, July 17, 2010
I remembered at the start of the year when my hubby and I were deciding for school bags for our daughters. We wanted something strong and sturdy to hold everything in and my eldest wanted something "branded"....after much searching and indecision, we finally settled on buying both girls "BAD GIRL" bags. (Almost said bag girls there for a minute, haha!)
After a few months of school going, one night my youngest came home a bit upset. When probed, she revealed that she did not like her new school bag. I was obviously curious as to why this was the case. After all, it was a branded bag, and who doesn't like a name? She then reasoned, "But Mommy, the other kids say I'm a bad girl because my bag says so!"
And so it does, lol.
We have since bought my youngest a new "unbranded" bag, which she is ecstatic about, and my eldest took the other "Bad Girl" bag as well because as she puts it, "She does not mind being one."
Go figure....

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