More than a Decade of Toy Story

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
The family recently watched the latest instalment in the Toy Story saga - Toy Story 3D. It was quite a touching story of growing up and letting go. It's quite interesting as I feel that our family has also "grown up" with Toy Story.
I remembered when hubby and I first watched the first movie - Toy Story - and we became endeared to the characters of the movie. I was actually quite surprised that we enjoyed the movie so much - us, being adults, and the movie, being an animation. My eldest was quite young then and so did not accompany us when we went to the movie house to watch this.
When the second movie came out, it was another trip to the cinema. Now, with our eldest daughter, who was of the right age to enjoy the experience. And boy, was it a treat! Sequel was equally good. The story was heartwarming and unforgettable.
With the recent Toy Story, my hubby and I with 2 children in tow (now) went and watched the movie. It was a thrill to see the movie in 3D, our first experience where everything seems to be spurting out of the screen and coming at you. It was no wonder that my youngest sat through the whole movie, the storyline was so engaging and everything was bigger and better!
Incidentally, this is the only trilogy that we have watched all instalments on the big screen. Most of the time, we just waited for the DVDs and hire out.
It's kinda sad if this is indeed the last instalment.

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