#100HappyDays Part 2

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Boy, did 100 days whizzed by so fast!

I suppose time does that - whiz by, I mean. You are having so much fun that you don't even notice time ticking away. Sounds like the song, right?
I finally reached Day 100 last week and the whole experience has been epic for me. It was really not much at first when I started last February, but you gain momentum on your last days on the challenge. People start to notice, comment, like (which is a social media thing really)...and best of all, actually share and take part in your happiness. The interaction was what made it all the more special.
I must admit, I had so much fun doing the #100HappyDays challenge. It wasn't easy when you really get into it. There were days when I came up blanks. To be happy was the easy part....but to capture the happiness in a photo was another thing. I had to be creative on some days. I don't have the photographic eye so photos of inanimate objects (places, food, etc.) and animated subjects (my family) sometimes took more than a couple of takes. I must have snapped away a thousand to produce the result...but in the end, it was worth it. I became happier each day as I went along the challenge.
After 100 photos, 1 sound clip, 2 videos, 18 selfies, and about a gazillion blissful memories, I am kinda "sad" now that it's ended. Funny, to think of "sadness" after 100 days of being "happy". Maybe a change in vocabulary is in order. Let's just say I'll remember the time with a wistful smile.
It should have been obvious from the start but I suppose it takes a challenge to highlight something. One thing I've learnt from #100HappyDays is that each day starts out as a chance to be happy. Not every day will be good, but so what? Live this day well...and every single day after that. And happiness will come.

My #100HappyDays in a nutshell


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