Tooth Fairy Down The Drain

Thursday, December 15, 2011
No, we did not just kill the Tooth Fairy. But in our little story, it could've gone bad but we've managed to keep believing in her for a few more years.

My youngest, aged cutely at around 7 and a half, came to me crying the one night. She was busy brushing her teeth when one of them accidentally fell down the drain as she was brushing. Take note that this is the age when teeth are brittle and highly likely to fall off. I tried to console her with a very adult approach of "these things happen" and told her to just sleep it off.

She found it hard to relax and kept thinking on about the tooth. She was worried that since her tooth is now somewhere at the bottom of the drain pipe, the Tooth Fairy might try and look for her tooth. Missy, knowing that the Tooth Fairy can't swim very well, thought that the Tooth Fairy might drown in her search. That would be the end of the Tooth Fairy and Missy would have been the cause of it all. Horror of horrors!

Mommy then explained that the tooth will not stay at the bottom of the drain. Instead, it will get washed away into the rivers and the seas and the oceans. But how will the Tooth Fairy find the tooth then, asked Missy? Mommy had to explain that Tooth Fairies have tooth radar and they are instantly drawn to fallen teeth. When the Tooth Fairy finds the tooth, she will then visit and leave some pennies.

Missy, still unsure if and when she was gonna get money for a missing tooth, took her plight to her older sister. Oldest suggested Missy write a note to the Tooth Fairy explaining what had happened.

"Dear Tooth Fairy, my name is Missy. I was brushing my teeth and my tooth fell into the drain. I hope you can find it and give me money in my shoe. Thank you. Love, Missy."

And true to form, the Tooth Fairy listened. The note was gone the next day. And there were some pennies left for Missy in her slippers. :-)

Note to readers: Wondering why she leaves her teeth in her slippers? See my previous post here.

Shared with all the other lovely moms at Mommy Moments this week. Especially our hostess, Chris, who celebrates her birthday today!

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  1. Tetcha said...:

    What a nice Tooth Fairy story here, Mommy! I would have to come up with a believable one, too, once my son's lower front tooth falls out. I know that will happen soon. Here's my MM entry:

  1. kimmy said...:

    that was very sweet. your kid would grow up to be a considerate person..

  1. Icar said...:

    awww such cute story!thank you for sharing I might be able to use it someday...

    happy MM!Here's my post

  1. Chris said...:

    hahaha.. what a great post.. thanks for sharing it with me on my birthday :)