Missy Gets A Cycle Upgrade

Monday, December 19, 2011
Missy has had a bicycle since she was the tender age of 4. She used to ride it around our complex and play with the kid next door. But since she has not been riding it for a while, I thought this phase was over.

Recently, kid-next-door came over with a new bike and asked Missy to play with her. Imagine my surprise when I saw the 2 kids riding around the complex - neighbour kid had a brand new bicycle and my child was riding her wheel fit for a 4-year-old. What shame! Missy was literally slouching while riding her bike. What a neglectful parent I am! To think that this bicycle would last her throughout early to middle childhood and pre-adolescent years!

A week later, we decided to buy Missy her due - a brand new bicycle. Certainly an upgrade!

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