Picking On A Strawberry

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
As there are real budget constraints when it comes to family trips, I am always on the lookout for things we could do as a family that won't cost a lot of money. We'd usually do one big holiday spree in a year and the rest of the time, it would be small excursions here and there just for family bonding.

On a recent occasion, the family had the opportunity to pick strawberries on a farm. I actually heard about this place from a friend of mine last year but the strawberry season was already over so I could only try it out this year. The strawberries finally came in season early October. And on one good, sunny Sunday, I dragged the family for a trek to Tangaroa Strawberry Farm.

The Tangaroa Strawberry Farm is situated less than one and a half hours away from Johannesburg. It is actually in the North West province on your way to Hartebeespoort Dam. I was actually nervous that we might have gone all the way there for nothing. But I was wrong.

Although the strawberries had a dry spell this year, there were enough strawberries to give the whole family some enjoyable, quality time. As the strawberries were not in abundance, we were advised to pick and eat them within the farm. The whole "pick and eat" deal was for the experience rather than anything else. But I've heard that on a good season, you are able to buy the strawberries that you've picked by the kilograms.

There were even some mulberry trees nearby. Funny, showing my ignorant side, I thought strawberries grew on trees, hahaha. I was very mistaken as the rows of strawberry plants reminded me of garden patches.

Picking the strawberries on the patch
Getting into the spirit of picking and eating

There were some mulberry trees too.

Wow! These black mulberries really look like blackberries!!!

After our little picking rendezvous, the family decided to stay on the farm for lunch. There was a restaurant by the parking lot and we had their specials of Chicken Schnitzel. For desserts, we had their specialty - the Stawberry Cheesecake.

You might ask what happens at Tangaroa when the strawberries are out of season? The farm doubles up as a spa and offers weekend getaway accommodation for people who want to take a break from the city all throughout the year.

The whole farm setting was serene, what with the restaurant by the lake and ducks swimming around. It was truly a nice, peaceful timeout for the family.

For more information, visit the Tangaroa website. Entrance to the farm costs R50 (around $6 - $7) each person, young and old.

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