The Miseducation of Miss Rodriguez

Sunday, September 12, 2010
Flipping through my old photo albums, I came across (what could possibly be) my favourite stolen shot photo. Aaaah, it brings back memories.....

Back in the winter of 2006, we visited the Brightwater Commons, a shopping centre in Randburg, South Africa, to experience playing with made-up snow. Okay, it’s not much, as it was not even real, but you must just remember that we don’t usually have snow where we stay and we just go gaga over it.

We were given a bucket of snow each to play with. My hubby proceeded to educate my youngest on how to make a good snow ball and how to throw it. Here he is giving instructions.

And boy, was youngest a fast learner! She’s learnt to make and throw like an expert. Here she is hitting her first target. With reference to both the picture and the snow ball, what a shot!

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  1. kim said...:

    wow! she really did learn fast, and she's very cute, too! nice post..