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Friday, September 10, 2010
mommy moments
I’d swear if we didn’t have to take on the surname Rodriguez, we probably would have been otherwise known as the Wacky family. Although I can’t speak for the rest of the family, I don’t mind in the least bit at all. I feel that we are far too special and extraordinaire not to revel in our own uniqueness.

The wacky experience that I have chosen to share today took place a few years ago (actually ages) when my youngest was getting her hair cut. And who would’ve thought that it could turn into such a family event?!?

Cast of characters:
Hubby: the barber
Mommy (that’s me): the mama-razzi
Eldest: the barber’s assistant
Youngest: the victim-in-waiting

Here she is, looking tense and waiting for the "barber" to show up for her haircut. She is holding onto the gate’s rails in anticipation. Mommy, stay with me. I’m scared...

Hubby comes out, armed with a pair of scissors, almost betraying his Edward Scissorhands persona. My eldest held the hair in place while hubby proceeded with the cut. Be gentle, I’m still on nappies!
And after it was all done, she was happy to show it off. Cool! I can feel it! (ala Alice Dixson in the Palmolive ad, do you remember?)

Hubby trims off the remaining odds as she checks out the loose hair. Don’t throw my hair! I can still play with this! a few weeks passed (funny coincidence that she had the same top), with a different parting of hair and a few accessories, I can do my hairstyle like so! Clothing pegs, anyone?

It certainly is a shame that I couldn’t come up with a more recent wacky experience to share but I just thought that it would be nicer with pictures.

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mommy moments

13 caring thoughts:

  1. imriz said...:

    haha, indeed,simple hair cutting turned out to be a BIG EVENT:)

    followed u sis:)

    mine is up, too.

  1. Mommy Liz said...:

    I wish my husband would cut my kids hair, but I am always the one to do it, that's why they never had a picture. Your daughter was so brave to get her hair cut. Si bunso ko, isang gupit, isang takbo, kaya ang hirap gupitan. I am their hair cutter up to age 5, pag nag aral na, barber shop na..

  1. Divine said...:

    hahaha! i love her hairpins!!!! sayang wala akong girl... :)

    grabbed your badge, mommy.

  1. mjrodriguez said...:

    thanks for all the comments!

    @divine - i was waiting for somebody to notice about the hairpins! they're actually clothing pegs, lol!

  1. Pinx said...:

    thanks for taking time to visit my blog ms. MJ. you're little girl is adorable in her funny hair accessory. hehehe... can i add you in my links?

  1. nuts said...:

    kids kahit ano pa, cute pa rin alo even with different hair pins..

  1. Kayce said...:

    ahaha! clothing pegs pala yang hairpins sis! hehehe... ngayon ko lang na notice.. ang cute!

    here's my wacky padiding pics too .thanks!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hahaha awesome mama-razzi! =]

  1. kimmy said...:

    very cute! i like the second pic..

  1. Chris said...:

    unique post for the week! :D happy mommy moments!

  1. Dhemz said...:

    hahhaha...ang saya-saya....:) si daddy pala ang hairstylist....:) salamat po sa dalaw...glad to be here!

  1. denzki said...:

    loved the post with matching story :)

  1. seth said...:

    She's more of a lady like kiddo...lovely indeed!