Embrace The Camera - Typical Morning Routine

Thursday, September 9, 2010
My first entry to Embrace the Camera, hosted by The Anderson Crew every Thursdays.

I am not particularly sure how "embracing" I could be, as like most moms, I am usually the one behind the camera and not the one in the photo. Most of my pictures have turned out to be something from The X-Files....but maybe this meme will encourage me to face the camera more and be a better shot :-)

I will start off with something plain and simple, easy and normal and maybe in a couple of weeks, I'll relax a bit and.....look at the camera and smile.

This is our typical Monday to Friday morning routine. Me and my youngest, both zombie-like and half asleep, trying to figure out what hairstyle to wear that day. Most days youngest is just a plain Jane with a ponytail when she walks into school. But on the odd occasion that I am fully awake, youngest can sport pigtails coming out of Africa!

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9 caring thoughts:

  1. Amy H. said...:

    Welcome to the challenge! Great shot, before you know it you will be like Tyra Banks posing in front of the camera :-)


  1. Wendy said...:

    Fun picture ~ ordinary yet wonderful memories!

  1. What a great idea to take a picture of putting up your daughter's hair! It's ever so sweet!

  1. Glad you're joining in! Such a sweet everyday moment...

  1. Jami Nato said...:

    love the creative shot!

  1. Heidi said...:

    Wonderful picture! It's the little ordinary moments, that make life special!

  1. Jennifer said...:

    Looks a lot like my mornings!! Great picture!! =)

  1. emily said...:

    welcome! so glad you joined us this week :)

    and this shot is great because it's real life...i love that!