Novice Blogging - Note #4

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
I’ve been asked by one other blogger friend with regards the design of my blogsite and so I would like to share a bit on how I went about sprucing it up.

Originally, I settled for a much plainer colour than the one I have now. If I remember correctly, my main colours on the blogsite were blue, bluer and bluest. The background theme was the blue sky and clouds, you see.

But after I started blogging, the design just looked too plain for me, or too bright for my liking. It started hurting my eyes a bit after blogging for a while. I can then only imagine what it must be like for readers. My aim is, of course, to entice people to read my blogs, not blind them with my power designs. =)

And so I explored other colours that might work with what I wanted. For now, I have decided to go with a darker background. I think it’s some sort of nasty weather with a mountain view. I got this design off the template designer on the Design mode of Blogger.

My only complaint on this one is that the layout does not cover my full screen size. It leaves a margin on the left and right hand side, and that is space that I could be blogging onto! But I have found that it does not budge even if I change the layout. The margins remain. Oh well, I’ll have to figure this one out still.

1 caring thoughts:

  1. K said...:

    for a novice, you're doing fine :)

    the recent template designer feature of blogger is really a great help to a lot of newcomers in the blogosphere.

    dropping by here from marce chris' site :)

    i hope you can join our weekly meme (Girls Talk). it would be so much fun to know more people!