Embrace The Camera - ETC Goes HTC

Thursday, September 16, 2010

1 - Ok, let's start, ma. Tilt your
head and pout a bit like so.

I recently upgraded my cellphone contract and got a new phone - the HTC Wildfire. It came with a 5MP camera so me and my eldest decided to test it out.

My eldest complained that my profile picture is a bit ho-hum and so wants to teach me some pointers on how to pose for a cellphone shoot. It supposedly works wonders if you know just which angle of your face is your best profile, she says. 

2 - Ma! You must stop smiling and
breathe so you can tilt your head!
Do the other way!
 She tilts her head to the left and then to the right, pouts a bit, smiles a little, looks up, sideways, and on and on........alas, poor Mommy looks the same in the first few photographs as I didn't really know which side is my best. Almost looked like my face was photoshopped the same on every photo. I was starting to feel like an obtuse angle.....

Until finally, after 20 or so odd takes.....I did start to get the hang of it. Am not a fully-pledged profile-picture-taker as yet, but hopefully will get better in time.

P.S. Didn't really wanna fill up the whole blog with my learning to do the "Tilt Ya Head" move, so I have chosen the 4 pics that best express the shoot.

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4 - This is better, ma. Although now we look like a "before and after"
picture side by side, LOL!
3 - Ok, that's more like it.



9 caring thoughts:

  1. Wendy said...:

    What a sweet moment with your daughter! Ha ~ My hubby always makes fun of me for head tilting ~ I think I do it too much! :)

  1. super cuties. With Joy, Carey

  1. Jacki said...:

    You look like sisters! Anyway, I saw your blog from Anderson crew and I just realized you're filipino too! cool

  1. Brooke said...:

    Classic! Love a daughter teaching her mom how to "be cool."

  1. Fawn Teresi said...:

    This is adorable... Love these pictures!

  1. emily said...:

    i LOVE these pictures! what a fun moment for you two :)

  1. Ha, ha! I teach high school and the head tilt is VERY important when taking hip pictures! These are sweet!

  1. Super Lily said...:

    You have it down...rockin it in the last image. ;)