Girls Talk - I Don't Do Greens!

Thursday, September 16, 2010
Today, I will be bonding with my blog sisters at Girls Talk to chat about the chosen theme for this Thursday – the color Green.

What a day to join! When I hear the word “Green”, the only thing I can think of is vegetables, and how I don’t like to eat them! Bad mommy, bad mommy! That’s why I never grew!

People who know me will tell you that I am so fussy with food (especially the green leafy kind) that I even pick the veggies out in pancit (a.k.a. chow mein, rice noodles) and put them aside separately on my plate when they are cooked too big and visible.

But, not to be a total veggie monster, there is one consolation. Although I don’t eat all veggies, I do have a favourite veggie and that would be the green bean or sitaw. Any dish with green beans will be eaten unreservedly….and finished by me :-) The best is when the green beans are sautéed in soy sauce and cooked with some meat and seafood (preferably shrimps or squid balls). Yummy!

The green beans as they were laid out on the kitchen table, unsuspecting of what lay ahead of them.

Chopped off and ready to be slaughtered….er, I mean, sautéed.

It was too gruesome for words so no pictures were taken while the green beans were being cooked to perfection.

Green beans in all their glory, served at the dinner table.

At least my child looked happy when served with them. Or was she just happy to see the camera? Hmmm.....

For more interesting green stuff, hop onto Girls Talk!

9 caring thoughts:

  1. Vernz said...:

    Sarap naman na green nito.. saktong green talaga ....yummyness...

    GT here

  1. Rossel said...:

    i think both, she's happy with the veggies and the camera.

    my entry is here, sis. happy GT!

    btw, i am now following this site.

  1. Mommy Liz said...:

    Hehehe! ang swerte mo naman kumakain ng green beans ang kiddo mo, wahhhh! dito sa amin kami ni mother ang taga kain ng vegetables. Mga kiddos ko would ask for pansit and they will say " Mommy, I want some pansit without ventabol" hehehe! I love veggies, hubby doesn't eat any either, kaya I won't be surprised if my kiddos don't either. Mamumunga ba ng santol ang mangga eka nga di ba?

  1. I do eat veggies,but only those I like ,and it's very few. :)

  1. Jenn said...:

    I love green beans! Even if it's just steamed, I would be happy eating it.

    My GT post is up HERE.

  1. Mmm! Green beans! My baby boy love green beans too. Sarap nang niluto mo, penge nga.

    My Green GT here

  1. kha said...:

    I don't eat veggies too. hahaha natawa ko kasi I did the same pag dating sa pancit. tnx for dropping at my corner.

  1. Earth said...:

    well... you got the REAL GREEN THINGS here! go green!

  1. K said...:

    favorite ko din adobong sitaw! yummmm! enge! hihi