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Friday, September 17, 2010
mommy momentsMuch as I'd like to say that my kids are close to their grandparents, we don't see them very often. That is, of course, natural when you are overseas. You miss being with your family and relatives a lot.

South Africa is also very far from the Philippines and it takes at least 12 hours of flight time to get from point A to B. Plus, not to mention, the airfare is a bit expensive when you are travelling as a family of four. So our holiday visits have been few and far between.

The last visit to the Philippines was made by my hubby and eldest way back in December 2004. Herewith some pictures of their trip to (grandma) lola's house:
Eldest with Inang Irene and a cousin
Eldest with Granny Helen

Belated Happy Grandparents Day to all!

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8 caring thoughts:

  1. From where in South Africa are you sis? I have and Uncle and Aunt working there in Namibia. Very nice shots of your kids with their grandparents. Kami, hindi pa naka-bisita sa parents ko sa Bohol. Expensive and have to save money pa. Have a good weekend!

  1. Tetcha said...:

    The sad part of working abroad is you don't get to see your relatives and loved ones here in the Philippines often. What's good about Pinoys, though, is that we're closely knit, and our family isn't complete without grandparents. Happy Mommy Moments! I hope you can visit my entry, too!

  1. seth said...:

    It really pains them not being with their grandchildren but, when they are together I know it is the most treasured and happiest moments in their lives...

  1. Jacki said...:

    I can totally relate to the expensive airfare. I miss my lola now, she's sick and I don't know when I can come home to see her again :(

  1. anne said...:

    that is sad to know but at least even your husband and your kids were able to visit them, I hope you could visit them again

  1. kimmy said...:

    that was sad, indeed.. good thing they were able to have those moments together.. happy MM!

  1. Chris said...:

    you should come home soon! :D see you then :)

  1. Added your badge to my sidebar, on Smart Bloggers. I hope you cna add mine too. :)