Hey There, Great Day! Remember Me?

Monday, September 20, 2010
Spring has officially sprung in our house.

Although spring started at least about 3 weeks ago, I have been putting off spring cleaning all our closets for a while now. Our wardrobes still keep our winter clothes and our summer attires are neatly tucked away in some obscure hiding place. But change is becoming a necessity. Each day it is becoming harder to wear anything thick when the sun is shining so bright and vibrant, as if laughing at me for wearing such an out-of-season outfit.

So this past weekend, I dedicated some time to open the big black luggage, where our summer wear has called home for the past 5 months, to unpack them.

Found that the winter wear did not necessarily fit into the luggage the summer clothes were in. Maybe they were bulkier than normal. I was only able to organize my husband’s winter outfits. What a bummer! I needed to find some more luggages to put my other winter wear.

After more than an hour of unpacking and packing, the room was neat. All summer clothes neatly on the shelves. All winter clothes crammed into the luggages.

So hey there, great day! Tomorrow, I will be stepping out with my best spring foot (er, dress?) forward. No reason to be laughing at me now, sun. I’ve got with the program. I am officially on spring season mode.

4 caring thoughts:

  1. That's so funny - I saw "spring" and I was like where is she from?" I have not been to South Africa but have to Zambia. Thanks for stopping by my SITS day!

  1. Whenever I get my closet ready for the new season, the weather always turns back so that I need the clothing I just put away! I hope it stays warm in your neighborhood! (Stopping by from SITS)

  1. *MrsMartinez* said...:

    Hi MJ
    You are in South Africa??!
    Thanks for linking me, will put your blog on my next SPOTTED!
    Enjoy your spring! Any spring break?? haha

  1. I love Spring! My favorite season of all!

    By the way, I will add your badge to my Smart Mommy blog ha.