Novice Blogging - Note #6

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Maybe it was just me who thought it funny or read it wrong. I noticed something quite odd while going through the Blogger settings of my blog. Under the heading Settings and where it notes Global Settings, there was a choice to select post editor.

Now here I thought the editor was me. Couldn’t really quite grasp what it meant by

updated editor – check latest features (who the heck was this?)
and old editor – going away soon (who, me? who said so?)

Incidentally I was looking to schedule my posts and stumbled upon the explanation behind the updated and old editor through Google Help. Updated meant that it was the newer version with a whole lot of different features. And old meant, exactly that, the older version of Blogger. I didn’t quite realise that Blogger was in transition mode.

And so now I know. I have set the thing to updated editor.

Note to self: Stop acting so dim.

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