A Hubby Story: Pampering Hubby-Style

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On a recent occasion, hubby got pampered. But not in the usual traditional way that we, ladies, do our pampering.

Some time back while the family was watching an episode of CSI when one of the detectives was practicing shots at a shooting range, my hubby professed that he has always had this urge to try something like this out.

So when a deal came up on WiCount a few weeks ago about a business offering some training time on a shooting range and learning about different kinds of guns, I snapped it up. How coincidental was that? I knew that something like this might never come up again.

Booked hubby for the session and arrived at the shooting range at the set time. I went with hubby on this occasion to be the photographer that day. We were both armed with earmuffs to soften the shooting sounds at the range.

Hubby was stoked. He was given 5 different ammos to fire on the shooting range. There were rifles, small guns, automatics, shotguns...Hubby was really happy to be with kindred spirits that day, talking about guns, the distance the bullets travel, awed by the sound they make when firing, etc.

Okay, so being a girl, this does not really do much for me. But seeing hubby so amazed by his experience was really something else. Made me think that I'm not such a bad wife after all :-)

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