The Irish Coffee and the Lying Milk

Monday, August 23, 2010

Some fun with the Tagalog language. This is for my Filipino friends and readers who have a better command and understand the language a bit more than I do....
We went visiting some friends during the weekend and were treated to some Irish coffee the one night.
Afterwards, as we were driving home, hubby and I were discussing the Irish coffee.
Me: Masarap ‘yung kape. (The coffee was delicious.)
Hubby: So may halong alak yung kape? (There was some alcohol in the coffee?)
Me: Oo. Mga one-fourth tot na whiskey yata. Meron ding cream sa ibabaw. (Yes. About a quarter tot of whiskey, I think. There was also cream on top.)
Hubby: Alin yun? (Which was the cream?)
Me: ‘Yung nasa ibabaw na maputi at malapot. (The stuff on top that was white and thick.)
Hubby: Paano ginagawa ‘yung cream? (How do you make the cream?)
Me: Binulaan yata ’yung gatas. (They probably put bubbles in the milk.)
Now there was nothing funny when it first came out of my mouth but after a while, if you really think of it, in Tagalog.....
We look at each other and burst out laughing as the realisation hits us.
Hubby: Bulaang gatas? (Bubbly milk?)
Me: Hahahah........bulaang gatas, the milk is lying!

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