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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pink is the absolute favourite colour of my youngest. Or at least I think it is. Her wardrobe mostly consist of clothes with several hues of pink because she just adores the colour.

Last week, we did the rounds through my collection. So this week, we are raiding the closet of my little princess.
Starting to love this "all pink"
Youngest started with pink when
she was still very young. We loved
dressing her in pink, that's why.
Youngest with her pink bunny ears
at a concert
With her mixed winter warmer
With her blown up pink poodle
So happy that I got a pink dress
for a birthday gift!

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13 caring thoughts:

  1. Jenn said...:

    lots of pink goodies! I love that bunny ears headband!

    My Pink Stuff

  1. Melissa B. said...:

    My youngest is definitely a "pink" girl, for sure! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

    An Accident Waiting to Happen

  1. nuts said...:

    so pretty in pink. pink is so attractive to our little ones.

  1. LIMBERELLA said...:

    awww..she's so cute. especially when she showed that great smile upon receiving her birthday gift..=)

  1. Mommy Sam said...:

    thanks for dropping by.. and your girls look so pretty in pink! i love it. :)

  1. melandria said...:

    you have a lovely daughter.

    here's our entry.

  1. Vernz said...:

    I think that's why moms buy much pink for girls its because that's available mainly sa stores...

    lovely kids you have..

    Girls Talk Here

  1. Can't blame her for loving the Pink, she absolutely look adorable on it!

    Thanks for visiting my GT:Pink

  1. niko said...:

    my daughter loves pink too!! cutey ng daughter mo :) bagay sa kanya ang pink! :)

  1. K said...:

    she sure loves pink ^^ she and svet will get along easily, as svet adores the color too!

  1. Earth said...:

    i like the bunny ears. i think i saw something like that in SM, a headband with bunny ears and used as costumes for school plays, lol! nice post!

  1. genefaith said...:

    ako din if i'll have a daughter, I'll lavish her with pink stuff:)

  1. I agree because I have a girl I think I will choose pink colors too! Like now, I have a boy so blue is a must! LOL!

    Anyway, here's mine!!