Embrace The Camera - We A-Chilling!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A little impromptu moment for embracing the camera.

In truth, everybody is in hiding this week after last week's Hunny-Bunny post. We had conveniently lost our internet connection on Tuesday (lucky I had the post pre-posted already) and it only came back on Friday. So the whole episode was missed....or so I think. I am pretty sure hubby won't miss it now after reading about it here.

Getting back to the picture....I finally persuaded my youngest to get into a picture with me last night. Nothing embarassing or even remotely scandalous....mother and daughter were just chilling.

Mommy planning her day tomorrow with her diary, youngest reading a comic book...or rather, looking at the pictures in the comic book. :-)

Embrace the camera today! I did last night!

13 caring thoughts:

  1. Kristin said...:

    Fun! Sometimes, "just chilling" make for the best pictures!

  1. Vernz said...:

    sis. blogging and camera is now two inseparable marriages of post modern time, but really if you browse on my blogs you really can't see my face.. envy me talaga ako sa inyo can embrace the cam.. hahaha... anu ba yun unconquerable fear ko..lol...

    you look awesome together...


  1. Holly Girl said...:

    Looks like a fun time!

  1. Jennifer said...:

    Cute picture!! =)

  1. Elizabeth said...:

    I love this shot....just relaxed and having fun!!

  1. Wendy said...:

    Looks like good mommy time :)

  1. Just SO said...:

    She has the cutest little grin! Love it.

  1. Lauren said...:

    I love that y'all are just doing normal everyday things. That's what it's all about!

  1. Melissa said...:

    So cute, love her cute expression. Love that you have this moment captured :)

  1. Super Lily said...:

    Oh comics, I used to beg my mom to read them to me as a kid...even after I learned to read. ;)

  1. hill said...:

    such a sweet shot.

  1. Kristina said...:

    I love everyday shots...I need to try that...cute pic!