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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another week where I scratch my head and think....when did I last have those?

The only funny reads that I lay my hands on are my Archie comic books...and I have a ton of them.

There are 3 more boxes like this in our house....full of comic books
I don't know what it is with this redheaded boy and his gang that has addicted me throughout my adolescent life and well into my twenties. I rarely missed an issue during those times. My husband was even jealous because I was spending too much time with Mr. Andrews and Mr. Jones and their antics.

I actually only stopped buying the comic books because they became too expensive (they are imported into South Africa, you see, and the import duties are hell). And I guess I realised I was growing old to be hanging out with 17-year-olds.... :-(

So I have passed on my museum collection of comic books to my daughters. And hope they enjoy the Archie gang as much as I did.

Don't know if comic books count but this is my entry for this week's Girls Talk.

7 caring thoughts:

  1. Leah said...:

    Awww... I remember having that same collection myself, when I was about 13 years old.. Then I switched to SVH. So my mom kinda give them to some of my nieces ad nephews. Nayon, hinahanap-hanap ko naman. Tsk!

    Archie comics really is one of the funniest comics I've ever read. Never did regret reading it.. Kaso nga, mahal na siya talaga. Thanks for sharing this.. Brought back a lot of memories. Hehe.. =D

    Anyway, Happy GT Thursday!

    Here's my piece...

  1. Vernz said...:

    naku! parang nakikita koyung anak ko dito, lol.. halos ng mga ganitong libro sa library nila may pangalan niya..hahaha...

    thanks sis for the drop.

  1. Dee said...:

    I love the Archie comic books! Hiram ako ng hiram from my classmates dati niyan! :)

  1. Mel Cole said...:

    Oh Archie! I love to read those when I was in High school :) I still love comic books or graphic novels until now:)

  1. Thess said...:

    reading your GT post. Archie comics! Another funny series. =)

  1. Earth said...:

    i love ARCHIE comics! i like the love triangle that involves Archie, Betty and Veronica, lol!

  1. K said...:

    it's not obvious you're such a fan :P

    hey, comics qualify. anything funny in print qualifies!

    sorry for the late visit! (bad host. LOL) thanks for joining GT!