Riling Miss Stinky

Monday, October 11, 2010
Since we don't have a regular maid, everybody at home pulls their weight when it comes to housework.

My hubby and I do most of everything that needs to get done. My eldest helps out a bit with the dish washing and room cleaning. And my youngest has the smelly task of putting shoes back into the closet.

Everytime she is told to clear up the living room (meaning keep whoever's shoes in the closet), she would always moan and say "It's a stinky job!"

So I decided to catch the momentous occasion:

Don't know what it is with the camera that makes
her smile so much even when she is doing her
"stinky job". Here she is collecting mommy's
running shoes.
Here she is showing her frustration at having to pick
up mommy's mess......not quite convincing enough
though! LOL!

Such a heartwarming photo shoot, haha....

2 caring thoughts:

  1. Your daughter is so beautiful! I love her expression in the 2nd picture! Thank you for visiting my blog & making my SITS day awesome!

  1. *MrsMartinez* said...:

    Pwedeng artista haha