And Now, A Thanksgiving Rap From The Sponsored....

Thursday, November 25, 2010
Mama's Losin' ItWe don’t have Thanksgiving in South Africa, but it would be nice to still be given the opportunity to give thanks, even if they are just for the small stuff, like sliced bread and peanut butter. So here I join Mama Kat et al in their celebration of Thanksgiving and rap my thanks to the first 25 "small stuff" that came to my mind this morning.

I thank:

1. the Philippines – for offering me their country as my place of birth.

2. the Chinese – for bestowing me with a culture here on Earth.

3. South Africa – for adopting me into their rainbow nation.

4. my passport – for affording me the opportunity of expedition.

5. the University of South Africa (UNISA) – for presenting me with a degree after they got tired of corresponding with me for 8 years.

6. accounting – for supplying me an A-ha! moment and when I followed the decision through, my career path appears

7. my slightly overweight physique – so I can work at it and it gives me something to do at the gym.

8. Adidas - for my sportswear and making me look more decent than I seem.

9. Reebok – for my running shoes that can withstand pain

10. the VirginActive – for providing me with the gym equipments to make myself sweat like rain.

11. the McNuggets – for giving me the option of a less-caloried meal at McDonalds when I binge.

12. the Sony Cybershot – for bringing me back to reality and creating unflattering mugshots of me (where just thinking about it makes me cringe).

13. Avon – for offering me a wide range of cosmetics to hide my imperfections, created by the Cybershot.

14. HTC – for my Wildfire and for contributing to my status of being a crazed, “always connected” social network nut.

15. Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc. – for giving me that sense of being well-connected and able to reach anybody in the world, even though they're not in sight

16. Sissy Boy – for my slightly loose hip hugging jeans that make me look good and feel sexy…just because it hugs my bum right!

17. Lasik surgery – for giving me back my 20/20 vision

18. Oakley – for providing my now-lasered eyes protection

19. the Honda Jazz – for taking me to work and back….and lets me travel to other obscure places in the city of Johannesburg when I get lost and try to find my way back home.

20. “Lucinda”, my Garmin GPS – for ordering me around town and confusing me with her barks of “Keep right, turn right, stay right”….etc. etc. At least she knows her way to my humble dome.

21. life experiences – for giving me depth and character and blog material. Keep 'em coming!

22. my Toshiba laptop – for the creation of every post on the blog, it is "contributing".

23. my family – for showering me with real unconditional love, which they probably don’t always just want to show. Most of the time, they probably want to hit me with it too.

24. my blog – for letting me be who I am, mostly nuts and demented and cuckoo!

25. And lastly, my blogworms – for knowing that they are in the grasp of a mad woman but continue reading my blog anyway.

And these are my thanks on Thanksgiving Day!

It was kinda difficult to rhyme all the endings. I can see now (and I'm sure it's pretty obvious) I am not much of a poet. LOL!

This post (barely) fulfils Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt #3: Write a poem about the things you are thankful for.

4 caring thoughts:

  1. Ha ha ha! Very cute! It's always good to be thankful for the little things because we often forget how lucky we really are.

    I visited South Africa a couple of years ago. What an amazing place!

    Stopped by from Mama Kat's

  1. Rhonda said...:

    What a great list and I'm happy to know that I am not the only one who names her Garmin! Although mine is the running lil' Apollo!

  1. DLK said...:

    Well done. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. HisBell said...:

    WHAT are you talking about? Your post is soo much more adorable than mine! LOL Loved it!