The Coffee Master And The King Of The Castle

Monday, November 1, 2010
Around an hour after having dinner most nights, my hubby would always thirst for a cup of coffee. After failing to enlighten me on how to make him a decent cuppa (like I always say, you ask me to make you something in the kitchen, you do so at your own risk), my hubby decided to teach my eldest to become the official coffee and tea maker in the house. (We are big on titles at home because we like to be BRANDED, lol!)

She has become quite the expert with her whole coffee-making ritual. And now has decided to share her secrets with me:

First she shows me the important elements

The appropriate mixture of elements...for dad's coffee anyway
After heating the water, it is poured onto the mixture
And the final milky touch. Uber-cool service with a smile.
A starbucks treatment fit for the king of the castle!

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