Garden Route Vacation (Old Topic Reposted)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
I didn't want to just leave all the wonderful trips behind on my Friendster account so I have decided to re-post them here on my new blog. This is the first of (hopefully) many more re-posts on travel.

We took this trip in August 2005. Our vacation took place at the Garden Route in South Africa. Basically it is a route that is marked out at the southwestern parts of South Africa. This was also my first try on blogging in 2005 and so it looks a bit weird. Kinda like writing a letter to old friends or something. Anyway, I have tried to spruce it up a bit just so I could keep the memory of the trip.

Hi all Hope you are all fine. Just something to keep in touch. The family recently went to Knysna for a vacation (a long-awaited and much-deserved one). We spent 4 days touring and driving around the Garden Route, seeing places and "relatives" (Uncle Monkey and Auntie Ellie...hehe).

We arrived in George on Saturday, 6 Aug and proceeded to Knysna, where we spent our afternoon riding the waterfront ferry, which took us out to The Heads. Quite nice and rough ride, but we all came back in one piece.

Next day, we went to the Knysna Elephant Park (to see our aunt Ellie) and Monkeyland (to see our uncle Monkey). Har har. Nice pics but we walked a lot. Carried youngest for a good part of the journey. Felt as if we had journeyed through the Tour de France in snickers.

On Monday, we went to Oudtshoorn to see the Cango Caves and some ostrich farm. Nice photos of the Caves but it was dark (what did I expect?). Met some bats and rocks that told me a century old tale. Hubby tried some ostrich meat and said that they were delicious (sorta like beef).

Inside the Cango Caves
 Then we went on to see an ostrich showfarm. Youngest fell asleep at this time and missed out all the fun. But eldest enjoyed this experience thoroughly and even got to sit on an ostrich (and a picture to show for it!)

Ostrich had his face covered so he doesn't realise that my eldest is actually riding on him
 The last day saw us going around in George, which by the way, is a very boring place if you're no Tiger Woods or Ernie Els. We drove around for a while and landed up at the Railway Museum. Took some more photos of old relics and locomotives. And there are even some pics of our hired car, Benz. A well featured member of our entourage and we were very sorry to give him back. Anyway, I've attached all the pics here. Don't worry, I did run out of battery and memory on my camera so there are only about +- 50 photos. Enjoy the pictures and tell me what you think. Lots of love...

Hubby is so proud of his "Benz"
It was kind of a lame blogging attempt but hopefully I am better at it now.

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