A Sense Of Impending Doom!

Thursday, November 11, 2010
At the start of the year, I decided to broaden my horizon and brush up on my management accounting skills (this is of course if I had any to begin with). I’ve been meaning to study further for several years now but never seem to have the time. And so finally, I resolved that it was this year or never. After all, what am I still waiting for?

But here’s the hitch....in just less than 2 weeks, I am writing the dreaded exam.

And here I am with a sudden case of amnesia. My brain is simply dead. Empty. Not a single word can I remember reading.

This, after going through the whole book.

And writing a 40-page summary.

Which I’ll probably never have time to go over.

‘Cause every time I try to read it, my eyes just wanna close from boredom after the first 2 pages.

I’m still trying to drone words into my skull that don’t particularly hold any meaning. Nor does it light a bulb in my head.

Time is running out indeed.

I am going to revision classes this weekend in the hopes of pumping my cranium with some much-needed information.

I don’t think it will be enough. My brain can only take so much. But I’ll try.

I feel bad because this is important to me and somehow, it just doesn’t show that much right now.

And here I am still blogging about it when all I’ve been saying is I’m running out of time. I should be studying. And drinking lots of cuppa to stay awake......
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This is the fault of Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, prompt #4 - Something You Wish You Hadn’t Put Off Til The Last Minute.

7 caring thoughts:

  1. all the best for your exam.
    Hope you get good grades

  1. You can do it!

    Happy studying and good luck!

  1. JustMom420zaks said...:

    Ooooh, I'm about to know just how you feel. I'm starting college for nursing in another semester, and I'm a world-class procrastinator

  1. Cheryl said...:

    I am absolutely the worst procrastinator on the planet. Which is why I became a reporter - there's nothing like deadline pressure to motivate you!

  1. Chanel said...:

    LOL..this so sounds like me. I get online to work on my schoolwork and get easily distracted by reading blog post. I hope that the classes this weekend will help out! Good luck.

  1. paige said...:

    I remember feeling that way in school about subjects I had to take but hated. Hello American Theatre History. Snore. :)

  1. Holly said...:

    I know this feeling all to well! I hoe you can get it done. I find myself "running" to my blog when I am trying to avoid other things.