When I Was Just A Little Girl......

Friday, November 19, 2010
When she was born, my eldest weighed 3.14kgs (6.9lbs). She was delivered via emergency C-section and I was put to sleep and so did not see her come into the world. When I woke up in the hospital room, hubby excitedly told me that we had a girl. Unfortunately I couldn't open my eyes at the time as I was exhausted and in shock. Hubby goes on to describe her and his first comments were "She's got a flat nose!"

Eldest when she was just a tiny baby "with flat nose"
 Just less than 8 years later, youngest came along. She was also delivered via C-section but this time, both hubby and I were present when she was born (Well, okay, I have to always be present else they don't get born, right?). She weighed in at 2.9kgs (6.4lbs). I lay awake while the doctors chopped and sewed me. Hubby said it felt like being in a butchery (I think I'm turning nausea green just talking about it).

Anyway, youngest was a screamer in the hospital....and was no different when she came home. She also had birthmarks on her forehead, which I am told is good luck. Can you see them in the pic?

Eldest was so excited with her new baby sister
 And so this is my post for Mommy Moments this week, where we share our kids when they were SO LITTLE.
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11 caring thoughts:

  1. Gizelle said...:

    ahaha, that's the first thing I heard too when my daughter was born.. pango! lol. then it got better when as she grows up. Anlaki ng baby mo sis, I think that was why na CS ka? Cuteness! caring si ate o!

  1. Girlie said...:

    amazing how kids grow so fast!

  1. chubskulit said...:

    We shared the same experience in giving birth, both of my kids were born via C-section. The eldest was an emergency too and I was half awake lol..

    Your kids are beautiful!

    Tiny weeny Burritos

  1. AnneYP said...:

    kids are like angels

  1. Mel Cole said...:

    Time flies by so quickly, your daughter will be a dalagita soon. :)

    My Mommy Moments

  1. The little mommy moments are so special. They are such beautiful little babies...and I bet you still picture them that way many times. I can't wait to welcome my 2nd in just a couple months. :)

  1. napakahirap siguro pag C section mahal pa, hehe natawa naman ako sa flat nose. pareho ng anak ko din hehehe tutubo din yan,

    You may view my entry here

  1. mai said...:

    Ang cute ni ate! beautiful girls... must be wonderful to have girls. sigh :) and sigh :) again, hehe.

  1. Chris said...:

    its so much fun to look back.. and nostalgic too... where has the time gone??

    glad to see you at mommy moments this week!

  1. kimmy said...:

    they are so TINY! very cute..

  1. Debbie said...:

    You have two gorgeous girls! Every birth is quite a story, isn't it?