Seven Today!

Sunday, December 5, 2010
"I never thought that I'd be so inspired
Never thought that I would find a higher truth
I believed that love was overrated 'til the moment I found you
Now, baby, I know I don't deserve the love you give me
But now I understand...." - Westlife, Something Right

Isn't it just precious?

The way she looks at me, with her big dark brown eyes, like I'm some kind of wonder woman. And in certain ways, and at this age, I am still a superhero in her life. I bandage her pain away and calm her fears down. I strengthen her when she is scared and comfort her to sleep.

In return, she gives me kisses to melt the stress away after a hard day at the office. She hugs me tight like only she could, without knocking the wind out of me. She gives me all the love she can give with so much ease, never faltering....

Yup, as much as I may be the superhero, she is my special power, the crux of why I became a lot less ordinary.

My youngest turns 7 today.

Happy, happy birthday, my little clever cow....

2 caring thoughts:

  1. Chris said...:

    happy birthday! :D time passes by so fast... soon, it will be my eldest 7th birthday too! sigh..

  1. carinamodella said...:

    happy birthday to your daughter!