VTT Postcard - Background

Monday, December 20, 2010
Location: Somewhere in the Winter Wonderland

I am pre-posting this post as while you read this, I am probably already somewhere in Europe. This is just to tide you over until I get back from vacation.

So why “Vanilla Twilight” you may ask? The name actually comes from an Owl City song by the same name. There was a line where it goes “I’d send a postcard to you dear ‘cause I’d wish you were here”.

While driving to work one morning, I heard this song and somehow that one line struck a chord inside me. And after that, it just became my theme song for my planned trip. (Haha! I even have my own theme song; I just need my own reality TV show like Amazing Race now. 8 countries, 12 days, 1 tourist, etc. etc.)

Anyway, each time that I wanted to think of a happy thought, I’d play this song and it would take me to a place where I think I would be in the tour. It’s kinda weird. I don’t even know what I’m gonna see when I get there. Too excited for my own good, I think, lol.

And so the plan was hatched. This blog will be my postcard. And I’m sharing it with all of you because I wish you were here!

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