Weighing In: Last Two Minutes Before Assessment

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
My second assessment recently came up and my trainer had to measure me to see if I’ve had any changes since I first started seeing her. I knew this day was coming up and so I tried to do some last-minute adjustments. I tried to eat less on the week before the assessment. Of course, this did not work because I started so well on the Monday through to Thursday but on the Friday, I just could not help myself as I down a McFlurry, boo hoo hoo. With this knowledge of my bad behaviour the day before, I decided to attend a Step session at the gym on the Saturday, the day of my assessment. Before actually being assessed. Definitely some big last-minute stuff happening here. Worked out like hell.

After which my assessment came up. My final figures were:

I lost a whopping 0.3kgs. Whoopee??? Is that it?

Overall, my body fat went down by 1%. Total centimetres lost around my body was 9cms.

There is more definition to certain parts of my body but of course, my biggest problem is the bicycle tyres that I carry around my waist. (I am modest so I will not say that they are car tyres, lol! They equal to about 3 bicycle tyres though.)

Anyway, I feel a bit better about my weight although I feel my progress is slow. I will be 70 by the time I get my Jillian Michaels’ bod. Grrr!

I promised to abide by healthier eating choices again and more time at the gym.

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