VTT Postcard - Day (Or Night) 1 - London

Monday, January 17, 2011
So my first day in London didn’t quite pan out because of adverse weather and a cancelled flight, but I got to London anyway. I just basically lost a whole morning and afternoon but I was okay. The night was young, my cousin said, there still a lot to see.

My cousin and I decided to meet up at the Russell Square tube station before setting off that night. The tube station was quite near the hotel I was staying at – The Royal National Hotel.

The hotel was nothing spectacular but was adequate and served the purpose. It is the 3-star hotel with the usual amenities. This was the meeting place in London for Contiki as the Contiki Basement was located closeby (right next door).

My cousin took me sightseeing by night. In South Africa, one does not dare walk around the streets at night, so this night touring was very foreign to me. I will find out later in the tour that most time I will be touring countries by night. I must say though, that most attractions are prettier at night because of the lighting effects on them.

We got out of the tube station and I was greeted by the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. I still can’t get over that there were a couple of tourists taking pictures. Around the streets. At night.

Walked a bit and the London Eye came to view. Another picture taking moment.

My cousin and I walked around the London Eye area. Settled on an Asian restaurant for dinner and caught up a bit. Can't remember the name of the restaurant now because was a bit overwhelmed being in a new city.

After dinner, we walked around again and landed up at the Westminster Abbey. Click, click.Found our way to Downing Street but was heavily guarded. Guess the Prime Minister did not know I was coming :-)

Made our way back to the tube station and found a red telephone booth for more picture taking opportunities.

We called it a night just before midnight.

All the most valued sightseeing…..and all for free.

3 caring thoughts:

  1. kimmy said...:

    wow!AWESOME photos you got there! thanks so much for sharing. i like the photo of the Westminster Abbey..

  1. Pinx said...:

    wow! London!!! it's one of my dream places!!! my sis in law works there and next month she will be bringing her two kids na to live with her and her hubby!!! oh, how i wish i can go to that place!!! kelan pa kaya ako makakaapak sa London Bridge??? :-)

  1. *MrsMartinez* said...:

    Very nice! Hope to visit London too! Ipon muna hehe