Weighin In: Going Nowhere Slowly

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
It's been a while since my last post about weighing in. Of course, I'd like to blame it on the past holiday season to say that I have been away and had not been able to report back on anything. But the truth is, the past holiday season had only heightened the fact that I can report nothing back because nothing has happened. Nothing has changed between then and now. This year will be another year to try and be successful at losing some weight.

Not that I've gotten fat (or to rephrase, I meant I am not fatter than what I was). It was just that I thought going on a 2-week tour would help me with losing weight because it would lessen my time to think about food and I would be thinking about seeing new places instead.

But as I came back and weighed myself, the weight stayed the same. I'm not totally freaked out because people usually gain weight around this time and I am lucky (?) that I have not gained anything at all. But I am a bit frustrated. Still.

I expect too much of myself I suppose and there's just a lot of stuff happening right now that I am not focused enough with this whole weight loss thing. I eat too much. I eat the wrong things. I don't move enough. I don't move at all. I think about it too much.

Plus I saw some headers on the Yahoo News about some bloggers who have blogged about how they have lost weight. In a year. I'd like to do that too. OMG! Does this mean I do not have any willpower? Where do I find one of those fast?

Honestly, I don't have much to lose. I am only off my goal weight by about 9kgs. But if I lose 5kgs, it would be great already.

So I have to just find some willpower magic dust somewhere to push myself.

Went back to the gym last weekend and my bum is aching. I suppose that's a good sign now....

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