You Know You're A Rookie Mom When You....

Thursday, February 10, 2011
....still get fascinated by baby albums!

Aaah, this happened many, many moons ago, probably around 14 years.

As a first time mom to my then-newborn, I was really excited to have bought my very first baby album for her. I had so many dreams of having fun times with her, fulfilling her milestones and capturing the moment, recording her first this and first that. So it went on and on...

I remember one time I was speaking to another mom at a playgroup and I mentioned that I was busy with stuff for my baby’s album. She quickly commented that “I was still naive since it was my first baby. By the time I get to my second or third, that desire for baby albums would be long gone because it will be replaced with a busy schedule and I won’t even have enough time for it”.

Baby book: Eldest
To a certain extent, it was probably true. Life happens and time runs short. My baby’s album was finished at age 5 (supposedly) although she was close to 8 when I closed the book on it.Now I am on the album of my second child....And although, I know deep down in my heart that I do not spend enough time on it to finish it once and for all (she is now 7 by the way). I am glad I am “naive” enough to have started it for my youngest. I still want to experience those firsts with her, even though she is my second child. It doesn’t make her any much less a daughter of mine.

Baby book: Youngest
I will get it right and I will get it done. And both of my daughters will have their albums for all to see.

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5 caring thoughts:

  1. Erin said...:

    My mom had a baby book for my brother and myself, and his was ALL filled out, it was packed full. Mine? Was empty. I am determined to not have my 2nd feel as empty as his baby book, so I have been diligent about filling out both of their equally!

  1. Miri said...:

    I never did make proper baby albums for my kids, but I do take tons of pictures.

    But I guess I've always been a rookie wife, even before I got married, because I've always loved poring over wedding albums.

  1. Dominique said...:

    I too do a baby journal for each child to mark their milestone. Both a pic one and a diary entry one. The problem is that after they reach 1 yrs old the interest wains.

  1. I'm sure your child will appreciate this when they grow up!

    Stopping by from writer's workshop. Here's a link to ours if you get a chance to visit:

  1. It'll be years before they are really interested in their own baby albums, so you probably have plenty of time to finish it. :)