Mommy Moments - Green Jacket

Thursday, March 10, 2011
mommy momentsI just couldn't resist when I saw that the topic for Mommy Moments this week was Green!

I simply had to put these pics up. These were taken a while back when my youngest and I were playing around in a small room. I think it was in one of our family friends' old house. My youngest was then 4 years old.

Check her out trying to be cute in her light green jacket:
First off, we stretch a bit...
And then, we check the weather.....feeling where the wind is blowing now

Peek-a-boo! I see you....

Peace out!

26 caring thoughts:

  1. Simply Dyes said...:

    awww, she's adorable!

    Here is my green.


  1. wow, she can be a model she's very good in posing.

  1. Mirage said...:

    oh, cuteness working out! :)

  1. Clarissa said...:

    Game na game sa posing ang cutie lil girl mo ah^_^She wants more photoshoot pa daw.Kawaii!

    Happy MM!

  1. jeng said...:

    What a happy little girl in a green jacket : )

  1. Sarah A. said...:

    Cute green jacket!
    And she's a cute angel too :)

    Sarah A.

  1. anne said...:

    So cute! Mine is here

    My Little Home


  1. chubskulit said...:

    You are so cute! Now following your blog Mommy!

    Our Greens

  1. caroline said...:

    she's so cute as button in green!!

  1. what a lovely model you had there. :)

  1. seth said...:

    Happy Mommy Moments!

  1. Dhemz said...:

    awwwww...what a cutie....:) thanks for dropping by at my MM...great to be here!

  1. darly said...:

    she's a natural in front of the camera- so adooorable!

    Enjoy your weekend, here's my entry, hope you check it out too.
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  1. Cecile said...:

    she is so cute!; her green jacket looks good on her. i wonder if they have one or adults :-)...coz i'd like to have one, too!

  1. Hazel said...:

    She doesn't have to try. She IS already cute.

  1. Chris said...:

    she is a cutie talaga :D how fast time passes by no? now, she is all grown up na!

  1. niko said...:

    we have the same share for this week! :) i have my greeen jacket of my daughter too!

    thanks for droppping by my blog.
    happy weekend!

  1. sHeNgKaY said...:

    so adorable!

    Happy Mommy Moments!
    Mine is up!

  1. Mommy Trish said...:

    pretty little girl you've got there. thanks for the visit! :)

  1. kimmy said...:

    wow! nice jacket you got there!

  1. Cheerful said...:

    lovely, shes a pretty and a model in the making! please visit me at PinayMum - Mommy's Life meet my two lovely kids and was nice meeting yours! have a great week! :)

  1. Aya said...:

    i like her green jacket!
    i follow you,hope you follow me too!

  1. Pretty girl in Green!

    Happy MM!


  1. carinamodella said...:

    lovely jacket for a cute little one :)

  1. Mars said...:

    She's a cutie! ^_^

    Here's my entry! :)
    Mars @ The Life Encounters