My Driving Pleasure

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
When I first moved up to Johannesburg a few years back, it has always been a big deal for people to talk about how far your workplace is and how much traffic you are going to encounter if you live in a certain area and you work in another. And since I came from a small town, I was a bit daunted and was one of those people. I had this pre-conceived idea that if you travel more than 20 minutes going to work that it is definitely not worth it.

But what I didn’t realize was that it takes a certain kind of person to do this everyday driving thing.

Since I changed jobs a few years back, every day I travel at least 50kms (31 miles) to work and back. It is actually not the distance but the traffic that affects my driving time. I usually spend on average an hour driving to work and another hour driving back home.

Being a motor vehicle accident survivor, I will probably surprise most people when I say that I actually really enjoy my daily drive. Things I enjoy most from my drive are:

1. I must admit that I enjoy the solitude as it gives me time to think and reflect. Who wouldn’t want some ME time?
2. I take pleasure in the company of the radio DJs that tell their jokes and play their tunes on air.
3. I have become healthier by consuming my 1lt of water in the car by the time I get to work and another 1lt for my drive home.
4. I have a mini-breakfast (eat anything that I can hold in one hand, mostly fruit).
5. I have a little snack when I drive back home.
6. I think about blog topics and draw my inspirations from things I see on the road.
7. I enrich my motoring knowledge and my library of different car models.
8. I am amazed that although I sit through the same traffic every day, every day has a different outcome. 
Me and my Jazz
So I may be nuts but it’s the simple truth. Like I said, it takes a special kind of person to go through this every single day. *wink, wink* Which just goes to mean I am that special kind of person, LOL!

How do you view your road driving experiences?

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