Novice Blogging - Note #20 (NetworkedBlogs)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Okay, so I may not have mentioned this in my previous novice notes, but I have been having problems with Facebook Notes. At first, I kept encountering an error each time I tried to import my blog. And after I successfully linked my blog to the Notes, I had further problems where the Notes simply did not pull through my posts at regular interval. I had to manually post my blog posts to my wall each time, which was kind of a pain.

So it prompted me to look for another application that could do the blog importing properly on Facebook. Thereupon I stumbled on NetworkedBlogs.

To register your blog, you need to logon to your account on Facebook, search for NetworkedBlogs the application. Once you’ve granted permission for the application to access your basic information, you can access a page where you can register your blog.

You can also do the registration on the NetworkedBlogs website ( but you’ll need a Facebook account. Once registered, you can link it to your Twitter, Facebook profile and Facebook page.
Now you’ve made your presence in the social networking jungle!

So how was your experience with NetworkedBlogs?

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