Girls Talk - She's Got The Lopsided Look

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I don't have any dress sense! I prefer to wear clothes that are really comfortable and usually I end up looking like a hobo. There are, of course, days when I'm just in my girly-girl mood and I rock up looking something fresh from a magazine. But those days are rare and really, really, REALLY far in between.

The one thing that I've always wanted to have in my wardrobe though but have never found the right one (yet) is a one-shoulder top. Cheap no? I've been looking for this type of style since they came in fashion a few years ago. But I just can't seem to get past to buying one. They always seem to be not the right fit for me. :-(

I suppose I have this crazy idea that I need the right body to go with the perfect one-shoulder top. So since I have not gotten the BODY yet.....I will just have to dream on and look at the picture below:


One day. One day. I always tell myself. Not that I have much hope of getting the BODY right. But rather, I will get the courage to bare it a wonderful lopsided shirt.

This is my share for Girls Talk this week.

9 caring thoughts:

  1. Halie said...:

    Those are absolutely mouth watering tops. I think they'll look elegant in black. =)

  1. Vernz said...:

    I'll share a short anecdote on this style.. my aunt came in her 50s in this type of dress..when my granpa saw it.. he sad .. Aurora, bakit di pa ba tapos yang damit mu.. anung klaseng modista meron ka.. hala ipaulit mu yan.. hehehe.. i remember it

    nice collection.

  1. kim said...:

    wow! nice cool tops! i WISH i could wear something like that, lol! mine's HERE by the way..

  1. darly said...:

    uhmmm, sexy tops

    have a great weekend hope you check out my entry here.
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  1. jannet said...:

    i like that too! siguro nga mas babagay sakin yan..siguradong may kakapitan na! hehe! thanks sis.. here's mine

  1. Shawie Girl said...:

    woohoo!! these are gorgeous! this would be a challenge for us to really tone our shoulders, lol! happy gt!!

  1. Dee said...:

    Vernz' anecdote is funny!

    BTW, nice choices! I think one-shoulder tops are pretty, as are one-shouldered dresses that give off that goddess vibe. Thanks for dropping by my blog. :-)

  1. LOL @ate vernz. she's really a funny gal. anyways, those are sexy tops! i don't own anything that bares the shoulder, which says a lot about how i feel towards baring the skin. hehe. i wish you find the perfect one-shoulder top soon. ^^