Weighing In: Week 4 For The Food Diarist

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
So after the revelation that I am a bad weekend eater dawned on me last week, you'd think that this week would have me trying to fix up whatever was wrong with me. I don't know if I will be successful but we shall see.

Monday - breakfast - 90 calorie Kellogg's snack bar
Monday - lunch - spaghetti with creamy chicken mushroom sauce + 2 pcs california fashion sandwiches + peri-peri potato wedges
Monday - dinner - a cup of white rice + pork stew (nilaga) with lots of green beans and sousou (sayote)

Tuesday- workout - 20 minutes cardio and 25 minutes strength training
Tuesday - no breakfast
Tuesday - lunch - hot chicken leg portion + peri-peri potato wedges
Tuesdsay - dinner - chicken chow mein (pancit)
Tuesday - snack - mango + 50g boiled peanuts

Wednesday - breakfast - 200g boiled peanuts
Wednesday - snack - half a plum
Wednesday - lunch - chicken chow mein (pancit)
Wednesday - dinner - half a chicken wrap, half a portion of chicken egg noodles

Thursday - breakfast - 200g boiled peanuts
Thursday - snack - 100g potato sticks
Thursday - lunch - the other half a portion of chicken egg noodles and one plum
Thursday - dinner - cup of white rice and 2 roasted chicken wing pieces
Thursday - snack - cup of red grapes

Friday - breakfast - Kellogg's All-Bran flakes with banana and low fat milk
Friday - lunch - 200g boiled peanuts and one plum
Friday - dinner - 6 pieces KFC zinger wings

Saturday - breakfast - 1 1/2 pieces of KFC wing
Saturday - snack - 50g cheesy snack
Saturday - lunch/dinner - (we went to a birthday party and so ate a bit) 4 barbecued pork sticks, cup of spaghetti, 3 pieces of beef boiled in coconut milk (ginataang baka), leche flan (custard dessert)

Sunday - breakfast - fried rice with eggs and peas, 2 slices of pork meat, half a cheese sausage
Sunday - lunch - fried rice with eggs and peas, half a cheese sausage
Sunday - dinner - fried rice with 4 pieces of beef in coconut milk(ginataang baka)
Sunday - snack - 100g sweet chilli snack

I am starting to feel sluggish and I think I have to resolve to go to the gym soon. I have been laxing as I have been helping hubby with the kitchen renovation. But I think that's no excuse not to get more exercise at the gym.

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