VTT Postcard - Days After - Johannesburg, South Africa

Monday, May 23, 2011
Just a recap of all the places in Europe that I visited last December:

London, United Kingdom – saw a lot of attractions….or outlines of attractions all covered in snow :-) It was a real winter wonderland for me but I found that the British did not quite think the same of the snow. I vow to come back….hopefully next time, minus the snow.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – snow cold and would have been fun if I was into their fun stuff :-) It was really heart-wrenching to see the Anne Frank House and be reminded of what happened during WW2.

St Goar, Rhine Valley, Germany – I got drunk and so couldn’t tell much, except the white wines were really nice and I wanted more of those ice wines! Oh, and that bloody, funky keyboard!

Munich, Germany – Although there would probably have been more about Hitler and the Nazi history, there were actually a lot of other buildings and castles to see in Munich. Have to make a note and go back to see that Disney castle.

Innsbruck, Austria – the Alps were nice but I came unprepared without a ski gear in sight.

Venice, Italy – I suffered some heart palpitations when we went gondola riding in the rain. Very unstable conditions. Lucky there was gelato to calm my nerves :-)

Rome, Italy – I loved the whole historical atmosphere to the place, just didn’t like all the walking. There are two things that you will always find at every corner in Rome – churches and fountains.

Vatican City – wish it had been televised, but I saw the Pope…and he was blessing us :-)

Florence, Italy – lots of nude statues all around.

Lucerne, Switzerland – we were back in the snow. But even with this weather, this is the cleanest place I probably will ever see.

Paris, France – I would have loved to have seen all the attractions, if only there were less queues. I suppose I need 30 days just to visit Paris properly.

And for those who have been following from the start, remember my wayward baggage? Well, it actually arrived back in South Africa, 3 days after I did. All intact and untouched (I think). I wasn’t complaining as it just gave me a full licence to shop!

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