Girls Talk - A Subject That Hated Me

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I can't think of any particular subject that I hated. I did well in most of my subjects at school. Or rather, I did not fail in any of them.

But, for the interest of this week's theme, I will pick and choose a subject that hated me more than the others did. Yes, you read it right. The subject hated me and to this day, I am still affected.

I will share an experience that I had doing a school project one day and why I knew for sure what I was not destined for.

I was in second year high school. The subject was Home Economics. Our project for the hour was preparing a snack meal. Our team (me and my 7 other classmates) decided that for the project, we will make beef burgers and orange juice.

We prepared the food the night before and on the day, we just made the presentation. As the orange juice was easily made, we left it for last. I remember my classmate mixing the juice and asking me to taste it. I took a sip and said it was fine, going back to slicing the hamburger buns to put the meat in.

Trusting my taste-test, the Home Economics teacher then asked for a cup and as she took a sip, she almost spat it out. And she said to me, "Mary Jane, ano ka ba? ang tabang nito!!!" (Mary Jane, what's with you? This is tasteless!!!)

Needless to say, it was so embarassing! We remedied the juice and were lucky the teacher did not fail the project because of my weird palate.

And that's when I knew. Home Economics hated me. The wrath is on.

Nowadays, I don't touch anything to do with cooking (I can burn a house down), plants (I am a green murderer), sewing (unless you wanna end up with one less sleeve). Ask me to fix your TV cables and DVD connections instead.

My share for Girls Talk this week. See what the other girls are up to.

13 caring thoughts:

  1. hehe. you're the undomestic goddess pla ^^

    di bale, you're good at other things naman e. i also suck at home eco in high school. especially with the cooking part ;)

  1. Janice said...:

    Ohhh! I didn't hate Home Economics but did not really enjoy the cooking classes either. I actually only started learning how to cook last year when our househelp suddenly left. No choice, eh! Haha!

    Here's my entry:

  1. scarlet's walk said...:

    i love home economics! it was so fun.. we were made to cook, sew and discussed interesting topics such as personal development and sex education..

    here's my entry Most Hated Subject

  1. Halie said...:

    That's a weird palate all right! Good thing the teacher was able to control herself and not spit out the juice. =)

  1. Vhen said...:

    weeeehhh... i thought lahat math, kakaiba pala sau hehehe...

    well at least you're good at other things, that's the bright side...

    see yah!

  1. nancy said...:

    Na sad naman ako dun... pwede naman i suggest nung teacher ng mahinahon na dagdagan ng asukal to make it taste right.

    Talagang me mga teachers na ganun no? Insensitive... Curious lang ako sis, did you happen to hate her?

  1. Schooling Mum said...:

    that was funny! i don't think the teacher would fail you just because of your "unique" palate. there would be no justice on it if she did! lol

    As for me, I wish I can say I LOVE MATH, but nope, NOT really! My husband does, though! :)

    See you at mine!

  1. yay!!! siguro kasi sa teacher mo lang yun, nadamay lang siguro.. tingin mo sis?? hihi ako kasi I love Home econimics especially baking, cooking and cosmetics yan ang favorite ko!!!

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    Thank you very much ^_~

  1. Shawie Girl said...:

    thanks for dropping by my site, i love your post,too! don't worry, ika nga nila, no one is perfect! happy gt! have a nice day!

  1. Meikah said...:

    To rule the kitchen is also one of my frustrations. LOL. I cook but they end up not edible most of the time. I guess, I just need more practice. ;))

  1. I also sucked at Home Eco. I don't try to cook, either, because I'm pretty sure it will result in an accident! Good to know I'm not the only one who doesn't have domestic skills! ;)

  1. GAGAY said...:

    LOL! di naman din siguro reason na i-fail po kau..hehehe!

    dropping by from Girls Talk..hope to see you at my HISTORY Class (Hatest Subject).

  1. kim said...:

    hahaha! same here, i didn't enjoy H.E. and when we were asked to fry egg (sunny side up) i messed up mine, lol!

    care to visit MY ENTRY?