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Wednesday, June 22, 2011
We have been on school topics for the whole month of June at Girls Talk. This week we are asked to produce and share a class photo. As I have not shared much of my student life here in South Africa, I think this would be as good a post as any to reveal that time in my life.

I will start off by saying that my post title is probably gibberish to most people. But I was just being reminiscent of a school song I once learnt to sing at school halls.

I don't know what it is but everytime I think back on my time at KHS (formerly known as Kaffrarian High School), my mind conjures up a stage set that looks like something from Hogwarts School of Wizardry. I suppose it felt very much like a British way of things. The school was divided in houses (Frere, Milner, Durban, Grey) and we did not call the level of studies as years, but rather, standards at the time. Something like fourth year high school would be Standard 10 or Matric.

My share of photo for this week is that of my Matric class here in South Africa.

I am in the far right, seated.

Notice much? Yes, we are all girls as it was strictly an all-girls school. This was a photo of our section. There were only 2 sections of about 25 students each at that time when we graduated. This was in 1993. The guy in the middle was our class adviser, Mr Kerr, who also happened to be our Accounting teacher. Below is a fun picture we took of all the Matriculants that year.

Me - second from the left, seated

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Nota Bene! For anybody who's interested, herewith the full length version of the school song:

"There's a school upon the hill and our hearts are yearning
To its busy path that leads towards the goal of learning
Many knocks have come our way
In our work and play
Yet with ringing voice we say
Hail to thee, Kaffrarian!
Frere and Milner, Durban, Grey, Kaffrarian!
Animo et fide, Kaffrarian!"

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  1. Chris said...:

    nice class photos MJ! :D

  1. rikka said...:

    I like your uniform in the second picture... :)

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  1. lyzacruz88 said...:

    Happy reminiscin'!

  1. Janice said...:

    Wow! It does sound a lot like Hogwarts! :D

    Here's my entry:

  1. scarlet's walk said...:

    i love the blazers! looks like an exclusive school from Korea! haahah!

    visit My Class Picture

  1. Mikimoto Angel said...:

    I love your uniform! Your pictures look so fun to look at. :-)

    Here's my entry. :-)

  1. STEF said...:

    I could only imagine how fun it is in an all girls school. These are cute pictures. Here is my entry for this week. Hope you can crop by.Thanks and see you!

  1. Vhen said...:

    wow, nice school uniform. and yes, i do recognize you.. good thing there's no guessing game here, unlike the rest of us! hahahha

    hope to see you there!

    im following you now...

  1. Wena said...:

    Hi MJ, I'm visiting via GT. i like your uniform in the second photo... look like hogwarts nga hehehe. you're from Africa pala.

  1. ferry'zWILL said...:

    woooo!! what a lovely uniform!!! here in the Philippines we don't usually have that kind of high cut Socks!! hihi!!! and the color looks good.

    >> nice photos, the one looks serious and the second one looks crazy, you guys seem to have a lot more fun ^_~

  1. simply kim said...:

    you were so cute! lol!

    care to visit MY ENTRY?

  1. Mirage said...:

    the school song should be a nice hymn as you still remember it....great lyrics too! You guys, I mean girls all look tall!

  1. march on... said...:

    I love the second pic. Wacky pose :)
    Hope you can visit my entry :0

  1. you were a multi-national class. wow. must be interesting. and my, is your uniform cute or what? i loved that your school was divided in houses! i wish the schools i attended also had the imagination to divide us into such. hee hee

  1. Kelly said...:

    Hi! Im Kelly. Im pretty sure we've never met. The year u matriculated, was the year I enrolled into KHS and I was only in Sub B.

    I just happen to be searching for KHS school song and your blog showed up. It'd be pretty cool to sing it again.

    Coincidently, im Chinese too. Are u from HK or TW?

  1. MJ Rodriguez said...:

    Hi Kelly! Thanks for your comment. It's great to connect with a fellow Kaffrarianite ;-) I'm not sure if they still sing the song at school (since they've changed names) but I can attest that I only have fond memories of my time at KHS. And I still remember every note and word of the song. Just goes to show how far a school's influence goes.

  1. MJ Rodriguez said...:

    Sorry, I forgot to answer your other question, I am Chinese but I originally come from the Philippines.