Novice Blogging - Note #26 (Find Me On Facebook)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
It would have come sooner or later.
After creating a Facebook page for my blog, it would have been extremely difficult for me not to (at least) put a little widget on the side of my blog to gather my readers together on Facebook as well. After all, if I did it for Google Friend Connect, why not Facebook?

To install this little social plugin, start by logging onto Facebook. At the bottom of the page, you will find the Developers option. Click on this. Right at the top of the page where the search bar is, type in "Social plugins". This will bring up different kinds of social plugins available for use.

The one that we are gonna do today is the Like Box. Click on this option. On the highlighted word ("platform"), replace this word with the address of your page on Facebook (in my case, it is "MJDOTCOM").

You have the option to change the width (depending on the size that you have on your blog), change the color scheme (depending on the colours on your blog), show faces (displays your Facebook readers profile pictures), show stream (displays your page's Facebook activities), and lastly show header (which just shows the words Find Us On Facebook at the top of the box).

My choices were unticked for the faces, stream and header. Clicked on Get Code and voila! I get the HTML code to add it as a gadget on my blogpage.

I copy this code. Login to my Blogger page. Click on the Design tab. On the design page, Click on Add A Gadget. Choose HTML code. And then, I paste the code that I copied from Facebook. Save the design and preview.

This is the end result.

Hope you guys do find us on Facebook. :-)

Till the next session for novice blogging!

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