Tuesdays Couch Potatoes - A Nicole Kidman Movie

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It is my first time to join this meme that happens every Tuesdays, hosted by Kikamz at Just About Anything. The meme gives out a weekly theme and encourages us to showcase our movie knowledge.

This week's theme was a Nicole Kidman movie and my choice is The Others.

Nicole plays Grace Stewart, a mother who has two children, who are inflicted with a photosensitivity sickness and cannot be exposed to sunlight. The story starts off when she hires three servants (as their previous servants have left) and odd things start happening in the house that they live in. The shots are mostly dark as the house is curtained up because of the children's sickness. After a few occurrence, Grace becomes convinced that the house is unholy and that there are "others" in the house. She also believes that the three servants are somehow responsible for whatever is happening. The eldest of the servants tried to reason with Grace and in the end, Grace finally learns and accepts the truth - that she and her children and the three servants are all ghosts in the house. And that the "others" are actually the living people that are occupying their house now.

It was eerie and certainly hair-raising. And as always, Nicole Kidman delivered a superb acting performance. I like horror stories that have an ending twist and this was definitely one of those movies.

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5 caring thoughts:

  1. Chris said...:

    i think i also saw this one.. very eerie! :D

  1. Mirage said...:

    Her facial expression and skin color fits the eerie feel of this movie!

  1. Jona said...:

    was contemplating on sharing this one at first.
    somehow my feeling about ghosts changed after watching this movie. i felt more pity on them and not scared. but that was years ago and i'm scared of ghosts again. i think i need to watch it again :D
    my TCP: A Nicole Kidman Movie share

  1. kim said...:

    i was about to post this, but i remember how i scared i was when i was watching then i changed my mind, lol!

    care to visit MY ENTRY?

  1. kikamz said...:

    I am a scardy cat so I try to avoid horror movies whenever i can. but i enjoyed watching this one, with hubby by my side of course!

    thanks for joining us on TCP MJ! hope you can join us every Tuesday. Happy TCP!