Weighing In: Stepping Mad!

Monday, September 26, 2011
So after my gruelling post about the Stepper, you’d think that that was it, right?

Me and my beloved step (er, any step will do)

Well, apparently, I am a sucker for punishment, because I now proclaim that stepping is my favourite gym exercise. Although I must admit that I’ve taken a variation to the Stepper. I still share my ups and downs with the Stepper machine (hey, check it out! a little pun here). But what really gets my heart pumping for more is the Steps class that the gym offers.

My most used gym equipment

We are taught a series of stepping sequences during the class in which we have to remember and follow throughout. The sequences are all linked together and if you are attentive enough to the trainer, you’ll know just which foot to step when and you’ll never lose your step. As you go through the different levels, you’ll also learn more difficult stepping sequences.
I started with the classes because I figured I needed more help with the Stepper machine and so the classes might help to improve my stamina. And whoa! After attending a few of the advanced classes, I was hooked. I wanted to be advanced. I tried to keep up with the rest of them advance steppers….but just barely. Not to mention, all sweaty.
So there it is, my favourite gym pastime. You can surely get me to the gym faster if you mention that there’s a Steps class happening. Out of my way!

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